New Strip Available To Purchase

New Strips Available From 27th July

The new home and away strips featuring our new sponsor's logo, Nuwmax Energy Services, will be on sale from tomorrow the 27th July.

We looked at several shirt manufacturers but decided to stick with Nike as they provided the best quality and value for money. We have managed to fix the pricing to that charged for the current tops at £35 for adults and £30 for boys. Both short and long sleeved tops are the same price.

Images of the strips are as follows

WAFC Home 2011-12 web site
WAFC Away 2011-12 web site

The strips will be available in J Gunn & Co shoe shop, 17-19 Bridge Street, Wick.

We have taken home stock of all sizes for men and boys, with a mixture of short and long sleeves. Numbers are however limited.

As we have limited stock the shirts will only be sold in J Gunn & Co shop. As we have limited numbers in each size they won't be available for purchase on-line in the club shop, however if you are interested in a top and can't get into the shop in Wick, drop me your requirements using the "contact us" page. I will check availability for you and will post the top to you if the size your require is available.