Update On Managerial Position

Wick Academy would like to thank everyone for all the support that has been given during this difficult period.

As a club we believe that we have dealt with this situation in a professional and dignified manner, but we are bitterly disappointed by Mr Kirkwood's handling of it. At no point has he offered to come along and speak to the players, as stated in the press last week.  He initially agreed to attend  the Turriff game and speak to the players after the match, which he later decided was unprofessional and unethical, but instead he had went and watched Lossiemouth v Brora Rangers. Mr Kirkwood stated they were our opposition the following week and he also wanted to  watch the team he may be taking over, which obviously he thought was professional and ethical. At no time had Mr Kirkwood informed us that he was there to watch the opposition nor at any time had he informed us he would be attending that match with Mr Mackay the Brora sponsor. He has also rejected twice to come and talk to ourselves with regards compensation for his loss of services, as per a clause in his contract.  Mr Kirkwood has always maintained that people should be respectful to the club and to himself as manager, but this has not been reciprocated to myself, committee, players and supporters by him. We feel he has not only let himself down, but also the club and the players that he has previously stated in the press to be one of the best squads  in the Highland league, by not facing them to explain his decision.

As things stand Mr Kirkwood is serving his period of notice until the 1st October 2012.

The Club has accepted that come the 1st of October Mr Kirkwood will no longer be the manager with Wick Academy Football Club. We valued his services and experience very highly and in his time as Wick Academy manager we gave him our full respect and support. We feel that we could not have made him feel more welcome at our club, and as a manger he had complete control of all associated footballing matters. We deeply regret that our time with him has ended in such a manner with almost 2 full years of his contract still remaining, but we respect his decision to leave for Brora Rangers. We wish him and his family the very best for the future.

In the mean-time we will not be rushed into a decision as to his replacement. Richard Hughes has stepped into the breach and will manage the team until further notice. Richard is more than capable of this task, and we must now focus on our football, and not on this unwelcomed distraction. Managers come and go between football clubs, that's just the way football is. No one man is bigger than the club. That said this has come as a complete shock to us, and we are very disappointed in the way in which both Mr Kirkwood and Brora Rangers have handled the situation. Our focus is now set upon the future of Wick Academy. We strongly believe that we have the best squad of young home grown talent within the Highland League and we appreciate and admire them very much. As such we would like a line drawn under this affair as quickly as possible so that the club can get back to concentrating on its football.

As far as Wednesday night's game is concerned - this was already being billed as a massive game for both clubs with a place in the North of Scotland Cup final at stake, but it's now got an added spice to go with it. We urge the Wick Academy supporters to turn up in big numbers to support the team, but we mustn't let events that have happened over the last few weeks boil over. Please show your respect for both teams and club officials and hopefully with your usual tremendous support Wick Academy can advance into the final.

Colin Stewart

Wick Academy FC