Message Of Thanks From The Chairman

Message Of Thanks From The Chairman

James Innes sizedAfter the disappointment of our result on Saturday I'd like to express the clubs thanks to each and every Wick Academy supporter who descended on Grant Street Park to witness our first ever Highland League Cup Final. Despite the result I think it's fair to say that every other team in the league not in the final would have been quite happy to swap places with us on Saturday, to have enjoyed the winning feelings of the previous rounds, the build up to the final, and the day itself.

On the day it wasn't to be, and no cliche will change the result, we were beaten by the better team. Simple as that.

After the game we were warmly welcomed in the British Legion Club where both our and Cove Rangers committees and players could quickly get a bite to eat together, and acknowledge each other's efforts and enhance the mutual respect that already exists between the two Clubs before leaving for our respective home towns.

Knowing that there were three coaches and numerous mini buses already making their way to the Social Club in Helmsdale, everyone was keen to show our appreciation to the disappointed fans there, and none more than Gordon Connelly who insisted on coming to Wick that night with his team. Win together, lose together were his words and that underlines the team bond that he has installed in our squad this season.

I'll leave the last words to Craig and Collette who emailed the Wick Academy website with the message below.

We had a large amount of your supporters in our bar on Sat 11th in Inverness and I just had to drop you a note to say what a great support your team have, your fans are a credit to your club as they were, to a person, some of the best supporters that we have ever had in our bar, they were a great laugh and so well mannered it was a great pleasure having them here and they would be welcome back any time at all.

Thanks again.
Craig & Collette, from Innes Bar, Inverness