New WEB Site Live

New web Site Up and Running

After several months being off-line our new web site is now up and running. The original site was first developed in 2005 and was getting old in the tooth with several security vulnerabilities. We had over 2,200 news articles in the old site and decided that we didn’t want to lose this history, so the most of the time spent in developing the new site has been taken in the migration process of these documents, as the data structure in the new platform is totally different.

We worked with a Freelancer called Lukdanpl for the migration of the content into the new format, and also teamed up with Niall Harkness of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who developed a new front-end to display the Academy team-line-up and player stats since we joined the league in 1994.

The new design of the site works pretty good on mobile devices and tablets, there a few foibles and developments to sort yet, but we will work on that as time progresses. It will take some time before the re-indexing of the site finishes on search engines such as Google.

Many thanks for your patience over the last few months, it’s great to be back up and running again.