Old friends return to Harmsworth

Wick Academy welcomed back Jason Cook and Mark Stephenson from Eastbourne in East Sussex for Saturdays game against Rothes.

Jason was Marks best man when they got married, and as a present Mark said he’d take him to a football match anywhere in Britain. As a result they ended up in Wick last October for the Clach game. They enjoyed their trip so much that they vowed to come back, and true to their word they made the journey again for Saturdays match. This time around they were our board room sponsors for the game.

Since their last visit they have set up the East Sussex Branch Wick Academy Supporters Club (E.S.B.W.A.S.C). It’s still only got a membership of two, but I’m sure they are working on it! It was good to see you both again at the Harmsworth Park lads and I hope your hangover's weren't too bad for your trip back home.

The lads are pictured below with Shane Sutherland (who they sponsor)
being presented with 2 signed match balls