WAFC Festive Draw Winners

The winners of the WAFC festive draw is as follows:

Prizes Winners
 1. £300
J Mulvey, Halkirk
 2. Bord de L'eau Restaurant Voucher K Bain, Mid Clyth
 3. 40oz Malt Whisky K Bain, Mid Clyth
 4. Hugo Ross Fishing Voucher
T Gunn, Wick
 5. Hugo Ross Fishing Voucher
I Sutherland, Castletown
 6. Harrold Bros Voucher
L Macadie, Wick
 7. Harrold Bros Voucher
J Bain, Wick
 8. Co-op Wine
J Duffus, Wick
 9. Co-op Wine
S Taylor, Papigoe

Wick Academy Football club would like to thank everyone who donated the prizes, the members of the public who generously purchased tickets, and everyone who helped sell tickets. We would also like to thank Tesco for allowing us to sell tickets in their store. Thank you all for your continuing support.