WAFC Cup Merchandise

We are taking home Wick Academy Cup final scarves for the NOS Cup final on the 11th of September. These will be black and white stripes with the club badge and the following printed on them:


NOS Cup Final

11th September 2010

They will be priced at £11 and there will be limited availability. They should be delivered to us by the 4th of September but they are available now on pre order, either by letting us know through our web site contact form, or in J Gunn & Co, Shoe shop, Bridge Street Wick.

We also have the following coming home:

  • 44" by 24" Academy flags on a stick - £7.50
  • Black and white Jester hats - £7.00
  • Black and white wigs - £7.00
  • Black and white horns - £3.50

These can also be pre-booked in the same way as the scarves.

Let's fill Dudgeon Park on the 11th of September with a sea of black and white and give them a final to remember