More Old Photographs

Here are some more photographs from the Academy archives.
(Click on each image for a larger version)

6th August 1994 - Academy v Cove Rangers
Academy get piped onto the pitch for their first league game

1994 - Alistair Gunn receives an award on behalf of Academy
for joining the Highland League - Cove Rangers Game 6th Aug 1994.



~1994 - Academy Committee


Derek Bremner, James Stewart, Ken Wood, Alan Farquhar, Colin Campbell, Jonathon Wood. 

Drew Farquhar, Patty Miller, Stewart Busby, William Wydmuch, Alan Shearer, Alan Turner.

Andrew Carter, Clair Harper, Alistair Gunn, Malcolm Mackay, David Rosie, Ausin McNiven.

 1993 - Academy Centenary Ball