WAFC Committee

Wick Academy FC

Season 2024/25 Committee Members & Staff
Clair Harper
Pat Miller

Vice Chairman
Stewart Gunn

Mel Roger

David Rosie

Executive Committee
  John Briskham
Richard Hughes
Jan Mackenzie
  Willie Wydmuch

Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer
Kenny Cormack (07786 188983)

Disability Access Officer (DAO)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General Committee
Luke Bunch
Andrew Grant
James Innes
Ernie Mckay
Jim McLachlan
Alex McMannus
Patty Miller
Alan Paul
Dane Robertson
Gordon Smart
Ian Swanson

  League Management Committee Representative
Steven Munro

North of Scotland Committee Representative
Steve Munro

Gary Manson

Assistant Manager
Gordon McDonald

Kit Man
James More

Club Doctor
  Dr E Pearson

  Under 18 Managers/Coaches
  Derek Shearer
Willie Robertson
Scott Bremner

Head of Youth
   Donald Allan  

Tea Hut
Jessie Rosie
Carol Farquhar
Dawn Beattie

 Board Room
Helen Harper
Patty Miller
Mhari Ann Plowman
Lorna Munro

Dane Robertson
Jim McLachlan
David MacGregor

Club Mascot
Norrie The Scorrie